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NANGROW™ contains following Immunonutrients

Vitamin A supplementation to preschool children is known to decrease the risks of mortality and morbidity from some forms of diarrhea, measles, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, and malaria. These effects are likely to be the result of the actions of vitamin A on immunity.

# Villamor E, Fawzi W. Effects of Vitamin A Supplementation on Immune Responses and Correlation with Clinical Outcomes. Clinical Microbiology Reviews. 2005;18(3):446-464.

Zinc plays an essential role in cell-mediated and humoral immunity. Children aged less than five years (under-five children) and those exposed to zinc-deficient diets will benefit from either daily supplementation of zinc or a 10 to 14-day course of zinc treatment for an episode of acute diarrhoea.

* Larson C, Roy S, Khan A, Rahman A, Qadri F. Zinc Treatment to Under-five Children: Applications to Improve Child Survival and Reduce Burden of Disease. Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition. 2009;26(3)

Iron is also required for other essential functions including the generation of effective immune responses. Adequate iron status is therefore a prerequisite for optimal child development

# Armitage A, Moretti D. The Importance of Iron Status for Young Children in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Narrative Review. Pharmaceuticals. 2019;12(2):59.

Selenium (Se) is a potent nutritional antioxidant that carries out biological effects through its incorporation into selenoproteins. Through its incorporation, Se is involved in regulating oxidative stress, redox, and other crucial cellular processes in nearly all tissues and cell types, including those involved in innate and adaptive immune responses.

# Huang Z, Rose A, Hoffmann P. The Role of Selenium in Inflammation and Immunity: From Molecular Mechanisms to Therapeutic Opportunities. Antioxidants & Redox Signaling. 2012;16(7):705-743.

Vitamin C has direct antioxidant capacity and contributes to the protection of cells from the damaging effects of endogenously produced or exogenous reactive. vitamin C supplementation resulted in enhanced cell-mediated immunity.

# Carr A, Maggini S. Vitamin C and Immune Function. Nutrients. 2017;9(11):1211.

A Nutritious Milk Drink For Growing Children aged 3-6 years

NANGROW contains essential nutrients to help support your child’s growth & development!

  • 50% RDA protein, Vit D & Calcium help support normal physical growth & bone development
  • DHA, iron & iodine help support normal brain & cognitive development*
  • Vitamin A, C, Iron, Zinc & Selenium help support normal immune system function
  • High quality whey protein for easy digestion

Nutritional Table

  • Macro nutrients
  • Minerals
Approximate CompositionPer 100g of Powder
-Sugar (Sucrose) g0.0
Total Fatg19.0
-Saturated Fatty Acidsg10.5
-Monounsaturated Fatty Acidsg3.7
-Polyunsaturated Fatty Acidsg3.5
-Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)mg40.0
-Trans Fatty Acidsg0.80
Approximate CompositionPer 100g of Powder
Approximate CompositionPer 100g of Powder
Vitamin Adμg RE360.00
Vitamin Dbμg5.25
Vitamin EmgTE3.00
Vitamin Kμg18.00
Vitamin Cdmg40.00
Pantothenic Acidmg1.80
Folic Acidbμg90.00
Vitamin B6bmg0.73
Folic Acidbμg90.00
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  • 2 – Vos MB, Kaar JL, Welsh JA, et al. Added sugars and cardiovascular disease risk in children: A scientific statement from the American Heart Association. Circulation. 2017 May 09; 135(19):e1017–e1034.
  • 3 – DiNicolantonio JJ and Berger A. Added sugars drive nutrient and energy deficit in obesity: a new paradigm. Open Heart. 2016;3e000469
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  • 5– Yu C-J, Du C-J, Chiou H-C, et al. Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption is adversely associated with childhood attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2016 Jul;13(7):678.
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